How to Stop Your Dog from Kicking Up Dirt

After doing their "business", many dogs like to kick up dirt. Why is this? Dogs that kick up dirt are simply trying to spread their scent as far as they can. If this behavior is detrimental to your yard, here are some tips to help stop the habit:

Catch in the act

Just as you trained your dog with association, this task will not be different. When walking on the leash, let him urinate like usual but when you see him winding up his leg interrupt him. Find out what works best for interrupting him. It could range from saying “no” to using a squeaky toy or rewarding your dog with a treat.

Additional advice

As a supplement to catching your dog in the act, another tip that might help is trimming the dog’s nails. While this should be done on a regular basis anyhow, if your dog’s nails are properly trimmed, it could help the dirt be less of a projectile. Also, some people believe that if the dog is spayed or neutered at a young age it will help prevent the marking but it has not been proven.